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Geeks of Glory

Digital Fire Team is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business with the goal of providing enterprise level capabilities and support to small and medium businesses while creating opportunities for our community through employment, volunteering, and influence.

Digital Fire Team creates a unique opportunity to assist transitioning service members looking for employment in an atmosphere that provides similar camaraderie and work ethics.  This is especially true for our Wounded Warriors who are looking to transition to a different skill set.

Digital Fire Team understands that not all individuals have the means or opportunity to attend formal training or gain experience through employment.  DFT will work to locate individuals with the desire and aptitude to become a Geek of Glory.

Digital Fire Team is not profit driven and desires to serve our community through donations and volunteer work.  Only through a strong ecosystem can we improve security and stability for our clients, partners, and friends.  We desire to be the example for other businesses.



Our Team

David Meyer, CEO

David Meyer

Ruben Herrera, COO

Ruben Herrera

Manuel Del Castillo, CFO

Manuel Del Castillo

Kalub Ashby, CTO

Kalub Ashby

Ramandeep Sahota, CSO

Ray Sahota


Alex Nicola

Director of IT Operations

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