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Incident - An unplanned interruption to an IT service or reduction in the quality of an IT service.
Problem - A cause of one or more incidents.
Request - Informal request for something to be provided; Service/Product
Change - Formal request for modification made to an organization's IT infrastructure, processes, services, products, applications, vendors, or anything else that implicitly or explicitly affects the organization's service delivery.
Low - Can be done within a week or two.
Medium - Can be done within a day or two.
High - Need by the end of the day.
Critical - Need done within the hour.
No Impact - No impact to current operations or financial loss.
Minor - Work can be completed with little to no affect or negligible financial loss.
Major - Major impact to operations or noticeable financial impact.
Crisis - No work can be done for the organization or significant financial loss will incur.
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