Managed Security Services

Fortune favors the Prepared

Are you waiting for a Cyber Incident to ask for help? Our team of certified and experienced cyber security professionals to strengthen your security posture and help protect your organization from a malicious attack.

Our packages are designed to assist you with not only preventing an attack but also detecting attacks that may go unnoticed. Our analysts look for unauthorized access, account misuse, policy violations, and data exfiltration using advanced tools and techniques.

Digital Fire Team’s Managed Threat Protection solution provides the necessary synergy between people, process, and technology to truly deliver world-class cybersecurity support.

Proactively guard your critical business infrastructure with a team that understands adversary tactics and techniques.

Tools of the Trade

Asset Recovery

Asset Discovery

Who & What is connected to the network

Security Shield

Vulnerability Assessment

Detect Vulnerabilities on company devices

Desktop Virus

Intrusion Detection

Detect vulnerabilities on company devices

Endpoint Detection & Response

Monitor and respond to threats

Desktop Virus

SIEM & Log Monitoring

Correlate and investigate security events and logs

Security Shield

Behavioral Monitoring

Detect suspicious behavior

Managed Detection

Security & Compliance Reporting

Customized reporting and plans of action


  • Continuous protection
  • Quick & effective response
  • Decreased cost of breaches and operations
  • Threat prevention
  • Security expertise
  • Compliance
  • Improved business reputation
Digital Fire Team working
Government IT Services

Security Operations Center

Log aggregation 

Security Orchestration

Cyber Investigation

Incident Handling

Cyber Playbooks

Compliance Support

Managed Detection

Managed Detection & Response

Endpoint Detection & Response Tools

Certified Cyber Analysts

Incident Response Support

Threat Hunting

Intrusion Detection & Prevention Systems

Monitoring and Alerting

Automated Protection

Host & Network Protection

Signature-Based Protection

Managed Detection

Endpoint Detection & Response

Threat Intelligence Fed Protection

Anomaly Detection

Proactive Protection


Managed Detection

Managed Antivirus

Centralized Management

Automated Protection


DNS Filtering

Website Whitelisting

Website Blacklisting



Host Cloud Backups

Backup and Recovery

Workstation Backups

Server Backups

Offsite Replication

Cloud Backups & Storage

Security Shield

Security Hardening

CIS Configuration Baselines

NISTS Standards

VPN Implementation


Configuration Management



Government IT Audit

Security Assessments

HIPAA Compliance

Vulnerability Scanning

Gap Analysis

CMMC Compliance

PCI-DSS Compliance

Phishing Awareness Testing

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