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IT Tailored for Your Business Needs

Let’s be honest, rarely does someone reach out for IT support on a good day.  Daily IT challenges can interrupt your business operations and cost you money.  As your business grows, the reliance on technology also continues to grow.  Most business owners find that they can no longer focus on their primary business functions and IT at the same time.

Finding the right support can be an overwhelming and scary process.  Most IT businesses operate on a break/fix model, where they only make money when your IT is not working correctly. An ineffective or inexperienced IT company can hurt your productivity and profitability.  When your IT company is a partner with aligned goals, your overall IT systems remain stable and reliable.

Enter The “Geeks of Glory”

We are a managed service provider (MSP) that provides an all-inclusive flat monthly rate for proactive monitoring and support. Our team charges labor at a discounted rate for projects and requested onsite work as your business grows.  This is a fully staffed service desk with network engineers, server engineers, cyber security analysts and desktop support.

Our team provides all your maintenance, security patches, firmware updates, and account management.  You will gain access to the same experienced technical consultants that service the Department of Defense and Federal government projects.

We are an extension of your internal staff, with our team ready to answer technical questions, address any issues, and offer you multiple solutions for your challenges.  Having access to the right IT company will save you a lot of pain in the future.  Our goals are to reduce your total cost of technology ownership, increase your productivity, and decrease your technology-related stress. We love the challenge of addressing complex problems that others shy away from!

Managed Helpdesk Support

A managed helpdesk is a component of managed IT services that allow businesses to focus on their core demands. When your business outsources its helpdesk function to Digital Fire Team, we operate as an extension of your company to provide the best technical support to your employees.


  • Free up internal resources to work on organizational needs vs IT needs
  • Reduced costs of having in house IT personnel on staff
  • Improved security and systems performance


  • Operating System Patches
  • 3rd Party Sofware Patches
  • Asset Inventory Management
  • Antivirus Management


  • Ticketing Portal
  • 24/7 Available Phone Support
  • Discounted Onsite Support
  • Policy Building
  • Reporting

Managed Helpdesk Service Packages

Helpdesk Service Packages

Managed Server Support

Our comprehensive server management team empowers your organization with experienced administrators who carefully monitor and maintain your equipment and software.


  • Improved service availability and reliability
  • Reduced disaster recovery times
  • Reduced cost of having certified and experienced server personnel on staff


  • Firmware and Operating System Updates
  • Backups and Recovery
  • Optimization


  • Account Management
  • Role & Service Integration
  • Application Support

Managed Server Service Packages

Server Service Packages

Managed Network Support

Managed network services are functions that businesses outsource to be remotely monitored and maintained by an MSP. Services entail basic network access, hardware updates, switch configurations, firewall configurations, Internet Service Provider (ISP) support, wireless support and Virtual Private Network (VPN) support.

Outsourcing network services gives your company access to highly specialized and training network engineers to improved business operations and continuity.


  • Free up internal resources to work on organizational needs vs IT needs
  • Reduced costs of having network certified personnel on staff
  • Improved compliance and security


  • Firmware Updates
  • Configuration Backups
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Configuration Management


  • VPN Support
  • Wireless Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Ticketing System
  • Outage Assistance
  • VLAN Management

Network Service Packages

Network Service Packages

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